Juicing like Jack Lalanne

When I was a kid, I can remember seeing those hysterical infomercials of Jack Lalanne, in his royal blue jumpsuit, juicing everything under the sun … Read the rest

Who’s Ray?

Ray is short for “Ray of Sunshine.” My family gave me this nickname a long time ago…before I became a morning person. In the morning, … Read the rest

The Skinny Shake with Chia Seeds

Bob Harper, trainer to Oprah and contestants on The Biggest Loser published a book earlier this year entitled The Skinny Rules.  It’s touted as, “ … Read the rest

Belazu White Balsamic Dressing for Salad

You may start to notice that alot of what goes inside Ray’s kitchen is inspired from my Mom, Audrey’s Kitchen.  My Mom simply makes the … Read the rest

Bubbi’s Meatballs: Have A Safety Trip

I can still remember the smells coming from my Bubbi’s kitchen when I used to go there on Saturday afternoons for a multi-course lunch.  Sweet … Read the rest