New Year! New You? Hit the Reset Button!

New Year Resolutions

Even if you don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, the New Year is an opportunity to reinvigorate, refresh and hit the reset button for yourself. Whether you want to eat healthier, exercise more or be the best version of yourself possible…how do you actually go about doing it? And, what will make this year different than the last?

A reset button can be a clean slate, a carpe diem seize the day or just an aha moment!  The question is will it last? How do we really stay in the moment each day of our chaotic lives and everyday routines? Keep doing things that take you out of the monotony of your everyday.  I like to think of these things that make up your personal movie montage.  By definition a montage is the process of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of a film to form a continuous whole.

If you look back on the year, what are your best moments that you would want to highlight? And looking ahead to next year, what would you want to see more of in your movie montage?

To quote one of my favourite films, The Sure Thing:

“Have some fun.  
Sleep when you feel like it, not when you think you should.  
Eat food that is bad for you, at least once in a while.
Have conversations with people whose clothes are not color coordinated.  
Make love in a hammock!  
Life is the ultimate experience.”