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Growing up in a family of musicians, and studying music myself for many years, I have always been inspired by great tunes. Music can have a profound effect on mood. From crescendos and syncopations to staccato rhythms; every beat can lift your spirit. I believe this to be integral to a great workout session. Whether listening to sweeping orchestral scores by my favourite film composers or the soulful R&B/Hip Hop beats of up-and-coming artists, my mixes are always eclectic. My playlists tell a story from beginning to end.  And, just like in any great film, the music should be it’s own character and set the tone. Same goes for my studio: lots of good tunes all the time. Who doesn’t want a soundtrack to accompany their own life?


A Quote from Stevie Wonder:

“I think I’ll treat myself to all the pretty places in my head.”

Vintage Stevie

Alexander’s Whimsical Mix

Adrenaline Boost

From Scotland to India

Funkify Your Soul: Motown

Jazz & Bossa Nova