Client Testimonials


“I came to study Pilates with Julie over 6 months ago due to two tears in my hamstring and piriformis. Although I have always exercised daily, Julie helped me retrain my body to use certain muscles that I hadn’t worked in years. I have been seeing Julie twice a week and my injuries have healed — no doubt from doing Pilates and learning to exercise differently. Julie is a delightful professional who knows her trade inside and out! Pilates will be a part of my life for years to come.”

Rose Reisman – author / caterer / media personality

I’ve had back, neck, hip, “you-name-it” problems. Julie has been a tremendous help in strengthening my body and improving my overall level of endurance and fitness. She has an extensive knowledge of the body’s muscular system, and knows how to target specific muscle groups and work them. She pushes me – which I love – but also listens to my needs and issues. Add to that a terrific personality and great sense of humour and you have all the necessary qualities of a perfect coach!”

Kathy Kacer

“Whether you’ve tried Pilates or not, give it a shot! I am 5’5, 120 lbs, type A personality, full time Mom and professional with very little time for the gym. I started Pilates with Julie 2 years ago and I look forward to each session.  It’s a work out, physical therapy session and pleasant social interaction all in one hour! I got rid of my headaches and neck pain.  My upper back muscles are stronger than ever and I think I look very toned in a swimming suit. People think I lost weight or did some aesthetic procedure. What else could you wish for?”

Dr. Marina K.

“Three years ago when I decided to try Pilates with Julie I could hardly bend my knees.  When I would get a pot out of the lower cupboard I would have to hold on to the counter and lean over with my whole body to reach what I needed.  I had just gotten over a bout of sciatica and had stiffness and chronic pain in my back from a bulging disc and strain from an old injury. Julie modified a number of exercises and worked patiently with me to gain back flexibility and strength.  With continuing practice and classes I was soon able to crouch down with both knees, touch my toes and move with agility and confidence that I thought I had lost forever.  I feel younger, happier and more energetic and am enjoying the freedom of movement and the joy that it brings.

Deedee Edelstein

“Julie expertly combines an informal personal approach with a very professional work ethic. She gets the most out of every session, and out of me. Since starting Pilates with Julie, my other activities, both exercise and regular day-to-day, have all been smoother and easier – especially my running!

Rebeca Laufer

Rather than taking medication for painful shoulder issues, I opted for Pilates with Julie.  It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made since turning 60 and, I like the side effects.  Julie is a vital part of my health care regime; she is a superb instructor with a personality as warm and welcoming as her Pilates studio.”

JoAnn Gold

“I’ve been working out at Ray Pilates for over 2 years now.   The studio owner, Julie Michaels, makes a point of providing variety in each of our sessions, so that I never get bored!  The studio has the latest equipment, great views to the outdoors and Julie even provides exercises I can do at home with small props.  Julie pays particular attention to the muscolo-skeletal system of the body and takes the time to explain how each exercise impacts my body — the education has been great!  I have noticed a marked improvement in muscle tone, flexibility, energy and posture.  More importantly I am more than one dress size smaller when I work out regularly with Julie (2-3 times a week) without dieting!

Pratibha Canaran

“6 months ago, I could not walk upright.  Today, using Pilates techniques, I’ve increased my flexibility and core strength, enough that I’m now walking upright 99.5% of the time.  I’m learning how to control my breathing and take charge of my muscles by training them to work with my bones.  One exercise, stretch, breathing gets me to where I need to be now, one day at a time.

Marke Normandale

“I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and have found Pilates allows me to stay strong and limber.  It is a weekly check in with my body to know how I am feeling and where I can focus my weeks energy. Pilates has let me know my body in a very different way and I love what it feels like after a session with Julie. I feel strong and able to tackle the week ahead.”

Kelly Trevelyan

“I am a huge fan of Julie Michaels! The Pilates instruction is phenomenal. It is rare to find such personal and technical strength in one place.  I give Julie 10 stars out of 5!”

Barb Smith